Rinaldi deserve promotion to minister, not parliamentary assistant

By Robert Washburn

LouRinaldiThe appointment of Northumberland MPP Lou Rinaldi as parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing is more than a little disappointing, reflecting poorly on Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal was given the agriculture portfolio in addition to his existing job as Minister for Rural Affairs. While he may be competent, there was no need to place additional responsibilities on his shoulders, especially after Rinaldi’s victory. He is one of the few Liberals representing a rural riding. Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle: reflections on my recent stint at Northumberland Today

27robBy Robert Washburn

It is incredibly important to keep active in journalism both as an educator and as a professional journalist. It is great  having a bi-weekly column. Still, grabbing a notepad, dialling a phone, doing interviews and so forth, it is vital to remain relevant and credible in front of students.

It is truly amazing the number of times there is pause for thought on the way newsrooms are changing. It is not nostalgia causing the hesitation, but a sense of how journalism practice, ethics, management, and community are transforming. Besides, it provides a whole new raft of examples and experiences to call on during lectures and exchanges with students.

Before presenting this year’s list of stories, it is important to note my role this year. I was asked to try and get some features in Port Hope. Also, there was no one to really replace this year. Both regular reporters were in the newsroom, not on vacation. It was critical not to step on anyone’s toes. Hence, there are a raft of advancers, previews and community stories, not a lot of politics. There is even a sports story waiting to be published.

So here they are:

Pow wow this weekend: ALDERVILLE FIRST NATION - Alderville First Nation will celebrate the 20 anniversary of its pow wow this weekend with dance and music, along with its new permanent elders facility on the grounds…

Family Fishing Derby Friday: PORT HOPE - Kids and cops are hoping to catch some good times along the shores of the Ganaraska River in Port Hope Friday during the Family Fishing Derby…. Continue Reading →